First blog post eek!

Welcome Welcome,

Please take a seat and read on, we have a lot to get through on this post.

If you didn’t already guess I’ve been on a journey, which has now lasted for over a year, and is a continual progress. When I first started my journey in September 2015 I was 15 stone 3 pounds! Yep you read right 15 stone! Now to some that may not seem like a lot and I know there are those out there who have weighed more but for a 17 year old girl at the time it was a lot. The way people would look at me or the way I would feel when I had to squeeze into size 16 clothes too afraid to admit I was really a size 18.


Prom 2014 weighing in at 15 stone 3lb! Now high school was a difficult time for me but I feel like that should be another blog post.


We are now in 2017 and struggling massively with weight currently weighing 13 stone 10lbs. Which is why I began this blog I need someone to hold me accountable I needed somewhere to talk about my thoughts on particular foods and feelings towards particular dieting trends or my physical fitness side of things.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first little snippet of my fitness journey!

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See you in the next post




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