Day 1 – ‘Summer Shred Series’

Hello my lovelies!

I am aware I haven’t posted in maybe a week or 2 I’m not sure, this girl been a busy bee. On Monday I started a ‘summer shred’ as holibobs is 9 weeks away! 9 WEEKS! Geez where has time gone?

I decided to set myself the goal of losing 1 stone by the time I go on holiday. As I didn’t want to set the goal to high and then have to deal with the disappointment I’d feel if I didn’t reach that goal.

So to make myself more accountable and actually attempt to stick to this diet including going to the gym at least 3 times a week if not more, I am going to be writing a daily blog series based on health and fitness, writing down everything I have eaten, everything I do in the day. You might be thinking geez every day?! Are you cray? Well to answer that… Yes Yes I am.

Currently my calories are 1500, the aim is to drop these in a couple of weeks, as I have already dropped them by 300 as my maintenance calories is around 1800. This week has been my first week with this diet, I started Monday  at 14 stone, I aim to weigh on Monday however I am not going to determine how my diet goes or how I eat because of a set of numbers on a scale,(another blog post will be up soon about this).

Today, Saturday 29th April 2017, I have been so ill, a cold has stumped me. I had work 10am til 6pm (all day…yep) so exercise wasn’t really on the table.

I had 45g Raspberry Wheaties (girrlll do not miss these), 106g Semi Skimmed Milk for breakfast.

Lunch consisted of Tuna Salad (Tuna, Mayo light, tomato, cucumber, lettuce) and an apple. I had a custard cream during work, and once work had finished for tea I had a chinese. Balance is how you should live not constantly in denial of foods you crave.

Today is probably not the most ideal day to start on as being ill I really struggle to stick to the diet, however, no doubt I will have more of these days, therefore I may as well get used to being completely honest with you and myself. No doubt I will probably finish the rest of the chinese later, and maybe some carmac buttons I have left in the cupboard.

A bit of a long post I know… but if you read it all the way to the end I thank you for your support!

Anyways we shall leave it here and I shall speak with you tomorrow!

Thank you for reading

Shan xoxo

P.ssss Don’t forget to go check my insta and twitter to keep up to date with meeee. IMG_2787


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